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Founded in 1997 Transnet Communications Limited (TCL) started as a Data communication company and has grown substantially throughout the years maintaining its excellent customer service levels. With deregulation & privatization radically altering the way business was conducted in Pakistan, new information system is the need for the strategic, management, operational and transactional decision making in the growing corporations. Transnet Communications fulfilled this requirement by providing a one-stop-shop for information systems and technology.

Our customer centric approach allows us not only to fulfill their needs of our clients related to information and technology but also to foresee the future requirements in this rapidly changing environment which provides both opportunities and challenges. Our role is that of consultant who partners with its clients and advise value addition in the systems and processes which are both efficient and cost effective.

The diversified portfolio of clients allows us to learn and build synergies in a world where rapid changes take place in a blink of an eye. Our experience in the global market provides us with the opportunity to remain abreast with be best practices across industries which makes it a global village irrespective of you presence in any continent across the globe.

We provide solutions from a simple internet connection to turn key projects which involves design, installation, testing thus, a complete infrastructure which is glocalized and adaptable in respective environment.


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