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Wireless infrastructure that can be deployed quickly and professionally

Wireless technology is crucial to supporting today’s business requirements. The right wireless solution can transform your business landscape, saving long-term costs and improving productivity.

TCL Technical Services can provide the answer to your wireless networking questions, overseeing all aspects of project management—from budget and time considerations to product resources. With our experience in the industry, we provide the right technical resources resulting in a wireless infrastructure that will be cutting-edge, fully-mobile and tailored to your application.


Enterprise WLANS (wireless local area networks)
More applications are using wireless technology due to its increased speed and security. Wireless local area networks (WLANs) have higher throughput speeds than ever before; today’s solutions are increasingly fast, flexible and efficient.
WLANs permit instant network access across your offices, campuses or institutions. Long-term costs are reduced due to the elimination of leased lines and wiring installations. WLANs are fast, mobile and reliable; when properly installed they are fully-scalable but maintain centralized management.
WLANs support a broad-spectrum of applications, including enterprise-wide mobility, building-to-building campus connectivity, asset management tracking (warehousing), voice and video.

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