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As the leading satellite operator in the region and a major provider of satellite communication services, Transnet Satellite Broadcasting has achieved phenomenal success in consistently delivering quality TV broadcasting services to our customers.
Secure, flexible and reliable distribution of broadcast, Direct-to-Home (DTH), audio and High Definition (HD) transmissions are key to every one of our customer tailored solutions. We provide a comprehensive service that covers the entire distribution process from encoding, multiplexing, up-linking satellite capacity and monitoring.

If you are looking for a satellite solution as simple as connecting a remote site to your main studios or as complex as implementing a full exchange system for a broadcasting union, Transnet is the place for you!

Over the years Transnet has helped many broadcasters with challenges such as:

Digitalizing analog satellite feeds

Optimizing bandwidth usage with DVB-DSNG and now DVB-S2

Migrating from SD to HDTV

Migrating from real time MPEG to IP transmissions and file transfers.

Deploying fully managed networks

Integrating communication channels and collaboration tools

Integrating value added services

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